The next-generation recommendation platform for e‑commerce.

Delight and convert your consumers with hyper-personalized recommendations using PSYKHE's psychology-powered AI.

Our Sort by Personality™ function allows shoppers to re‑merchandize any shopping page in order of proven personality match.

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 5X increase in conversion rate through PSYKHE's AI
 8X increase in dwell time thanks to intuitive PSYKHE recommendations
25% Decrease in return rates, due to better person-product alignment

More intuitive recommendations

No more rote, uninspiring carousels. PSYKHE AI “thinks” like an expert sales associate, and is able to recommend both intended and shopper-aligned surprise items for increased order value.

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Personality data makes the difference

There's only one way to really "know" the user well enough to recommend a variety of products that delight them. Our product feature engineering and detailed shopper personality data creates stronger matches than solely trying to find patterns from clicks.

Saint Laurent
Havana Blues by
Pamela Ruiz
Travel Experience
Climbing Carstensz Pyramid
X Disney 20" cabin suitcase
Chai Scented Candle

Boost discovery and conversion

We've created a recommender system that gets your customer, what they like and why they like it, so they can feel good about buying it, find more of it, and drown out the rest.

The World's Most Intuitive Recomendation AI

Unlock the next level of hyper-personalization with PSYKHE's instinctive recommendation platform, using a robust RESTful API powered by the most cutting-edge psychographic machine learning models.

Early Access Program

PSYKHE's team of fashion, psychology, and machine learning experts have designed, developed, and optimized our psychographic AI solution to cater to the specific needs of fashion retailers.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Our strictly opt-in early access program will allow you to get ahead of the competition with custom features by helping us understand what is most important to you.