PSYKHE is a Personalization-as-a-Service platform that uses psychology-powered AI to hyper-personalize entire product categories by taking the user's personality into account. Unlike generic product recommendation engines, using personality data as an added layer and anchor - in addition to interactions and purchase data - enables PSYKHE's models to behave human-like, and recommend across different categories that include fashion, home & furniture, beauty & grooming, and travel.


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Enabling retailers to hyper-personalize

PSYKHE is the first-ever psychological Personalization Platform, providing AI-powered personalization that uses psychographic qualities to create a more human digital experience. Redefining the way people find and buy products online, PSYKHE makes it efficient, thrilling, and intuitive for shoppers to find and buy things they love, improving customer experience and driving revenue for brands and retailers.

Customers are delighted by novelty and surprise, not by being bombarded by 10 visually similar items from mechanical output. Psychological merchandizing enables retailers to populate a fully personalized feed with a mix of intent-based recommendations in addition to many other items that our algorithms predict to be a match, resulting in significantly augmented cross and up-selling.


We’re not just another SaaS company, we have a mission

We believe that style is simply our inside on our outside. Whether it’s a hotel room, an interior space, clothes, fragrance, a car, or a travel destination, there’s something about who we are that connects with the sensory input in front of us which creates that gut-level reaction that decides whether something feels right for us. This connection between human personality and aesthetic preference is why our AI models are feature-engineered with psychographic data. Scientific personality traits enable prediction that’s far more powerful than looking at interactions and purchase history alone. This humanization of the online experience not only increases conversions for retailers, but in turn creates much happier customers who can easily find things in alignment with themselves, return less, and stay loyal.

When you merge visual AI, product intelligence, and psychology, you don’t just show your customers what they’re looking for. You show them things they didn’t even know they needed.